Student projects (CM)

 2015: The Dutch Brewers Association Competition

Challenge and Focus: Dutch Brewers is the umbrella organization that represents the interests of eight Netherlands-based breweries. These breweries together account for over 95 percent of the beer production in the Netherlands; the other 5 percent is brewed by more than 120 microbreweries. DBA would like to understand the public mindset and opinion on of the following issue: Non-alcoholic beer: should DBA treat it as beer or as a soft drink? Are marketing restrictions needed and is it an interesting alternative for young people in the age of 16-18? DBA sees value in public outreach on societal issues for future innovation and sustainability of their organization. It is already common practice that companies involve consumers in innovation, product development, advertising and financing (crowdfunding). When it comes to public positions on societal issues – such as alcohol and health – companies, stakeholders and politicians have the tendency to exclude consumers. How can DBA involve consumers in an intelligent way and invite them to work with them on these positions and issues? Given their well-established standing in the Dutch society, there is a sense of corporate responsibility that they would like to increase by giving consumers a more active role in public policy. They see social media as challenging but with tremendous potential to foster public outreach. Students need to come up with key strategies (include new media campaigns) on how to address the challenge posed by the DBA that is innovative, creative and yet feasible. The issue presented is a test case for DBA.

2014: The General Electric Competition

Challenge & Focus: GE is a B2B company. This is distinctly different from communicating about products and services in other customer-oriented businesses and even more challenging when the industry is dominated by an older population that is not very connected to new media. Hence, students need to focus on how to connect with GE’s customers’ customers to keep current business and win new business. One needs to marry stellar content with the right delivery platform to keep and win business. The competition requires students to come up with a compelling digital narrative and identify audience. GE wants student-driven, youthful-oriented and creative approaches to customer relations using social media platforms. This is not about rebranding (GE has a wellestablished brand) but about sustaining current business relations and attracting new clients.

Theme: Water, Power, and/or Energy