Communication Management

course description

Visual -Communication Management CourseT-mobile succeeds in creating a YouTube viral video by capitalizing on the popular flash mob videos online. Marc Jacobs gains a loyal following on Twitter through his personable tweets. KLM, currently the undisputed European king of social media for airlines designs a media campaign on their stewarding, gaining significant attention with well over 55,000 new fans on Facebook in just 7 days. Whether it is the electronics, fashion or the airlines sector, all businesses seem affected and challenged by new communications rising in this digital era. While most organizations are in the stage of experimenting with these social media platforms, they are at the same time concerned with losing control of their brand in this attention economy. Have business models transformed radically with the promulgation of new media technologies? How can brick-and-mortar retail stores compete with the likes of Amazon? How should companies respond to customer complaints online? Do customers want more personalized marketing from their companies via social media or do they perceive this as an infringement on their privacy? And how can organizations capitalize on these digital platforms to learn about their customers and/or business partners and create a genuine and sustained dialogue with them? With Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, Foursquare and other applications and tools entering the market, some businesses are gaining new, diverse and often international clientele for their locally geared products. Hence, companies are deeply pressured to consider new media technologies and strategies to communicate with the public. These are some of the queries and concerns that come to the fore as this course explores how businesses use social media to stay on top of their game.

Other Instructors: Janelle Ward and Rhythma Kapoor