Loes van Driel



  1. Joia de Jong says:

    Dear Loes,

    What an interesting case you have selected! Very socially relevant and important in combatting inequalities around the world.

    From your argument, I get that their are opportunities and pitfalls in the domain of m-Health. On the one hand, healthcare can become more accessible and people can become more aware of their own health. On the other hand, the social, economic and technological inequalities require m-health to adjust their Apps to the developing countries in order to be effective.

    Within your argument, you secretly use the persepctives of great philosophers (Foucault – Gaze, Bourdieu – social capital) to actually criticize the over-optimistic view of m-health. I really admire how you have connected m-health to power struggles concerning inequality, privacy and technology. You do this in a very understandable way, which I think would appeal to people.

    The questions that pop up for me in relation to your video are:
    – What kind of possible gratifications does m-health has to offer to people themselves in developing countries? Do you think is healthcare access enough? Or do you think the other features of self-diagnostics etc. are also of salience for people in developing countries?
    – In your talk, you state that much more research is necessary into m-health. What kind of research is still required? What kind of domains need to be researched?
    – Is m-health a public, government initative or is it mainly sponsored by corporates?
    – What is internationally required to bring m-health further? Is this creating better connectivity and technological advancement? Or does it have to do with arranging laws and regulation concerning these mobile health apps?

    Of course, these questions derive from inspiration and you will not be able to answer them all. As I formerly said, I liked the critical outlook in your video. The only thing for me is which critical lens should I adopt when trying to improve m-health, is it the inequality, privacy or technology lens? Or all at the same time?

    Kind regards,


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