Privacy & Surveillance

Willemijn Dortant and Jochem van Noord


One thought on “Privacy & Surveillance

  1. Payal Arora says:

    Impressively edited video but was confused a bit on the voiceover –sounded like a machine translated voice activation ; good use of animations –very powerful and engaging.
    I like the proactive nature of your argument where you went out and interviewed on this matter. I can see that your questions reflect a range of concerns on how to define privacy, what are the common concerns, what makes an issue global etc. and I particularly enjoyed the meta synthesis of these conversations by extracting the main points for the viewer and linking the comments in the interview with theoretical framings e.g. panopticon effect
    Interesting comparison between Germany, Netherlands and the US in terms of approaches on regulation and governance of privacy. My concern here is that while this is very important and interesting, given our focus is on emerging markets, you only get into that at the tail end of your argument while it should be more central.
    I like the way you summarize the debate –outlining the tensions on this issue


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